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I was fed the F!&% up, too.

I know you've tried what feels like everything in the book when it comes to eating healthier and slimming down..

I know you beat yourself up for not being able to stick with something for more than a few weeks without eventually throwing in the towel.

I know how badly you wish somebody would just tell you what the heck to eat!

Trust me, it CAN get 

Nice to meet you!

You can say I am a health and fitness nerd, lol.

I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, hold a BA in Psychology & Communication from Rutgers University, and currently also work with the largest global group fitness company as a National Trainer & Presenter.

Oh yeah, and I'm a Nutrition Coach that specializes in helping active women like you eat more + lift heavy.

After YEARS of chasing "skinny" and putting my physical and mental health on the line, I learned the proper tools & skills to eat for a HEALTHY body while also achieving specific fitness goals, all while never giving up bread ;)  


Sound too good be true?  


Yeah, I thought so too... nearly 8 years later I'm here to tell you it's 100% POSSIBLE for you to actually stay consistent AND not absolutely hate the process.

Stick around, because you are on the verge of making some MAGIC happen!!!

If you want to see a change, you have to make a change.

Shortly after graduating college, I found myself feeling totally lost.  I had the paper and I had done the corporate internships...  I had done everything I was “supposed to do” to set myself up for a successful career.  BUT, what I was missing, was passion and purpose.  I realized the passion I had for helping people and impacting somebody's day or even their life simply could not be achieved at a typical 9-5 desk job.  


Throughout college I had began my own fitness journey and managed to transform my body into the strongest, most unstoppable version of myself than ever before.  And so, I followed my real passion for fitness.  My first job out of college was at my second home, the local privately owned gym, as the Manager of Member Services.  It wasn't long until I eventually fell in love with taking group fitness and eventually became an instructor. Naturally after that, the next step fully into fitness was becoming a personal trainer.  


My biggest learning throughout my fitness journey was that it's not about having the "perfect" workout routine or just "eating clean".  It's about building a balanced lifestyle that is imperfectly perfect for YOU.

This is where Vicious Fit by Sydnee was born --  inn realizing there is truly no one “diet” that works for everybody.  It has to work for you and your unique preferences, values, all that jazz.  You have to be vicious in your pursuit of cultivating this and be brave to go after it, leaving the excuses behind.

There is so much more to life than being attached to a scale, eating chicken and broccoli for every single meal, and following insane diet rules like "don't eat past 7pm or you will gain weight.

You don't need another 21-day temporary fix or a mother flipping juice cleanse.

I can help you finally lose fat, build muscle, and feel stronger & more comfortable in your clothes all without ditching the foods you love.

My core values are to lead you with education, integrity, and respect. 


If you feel like we would be a good match to work together on your goals, you can apply for private coaching with me HERE and we'll get rocking and rolling as soon as you're ready!


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