I know you, because I was once there, too.

I know your frustration with just wanting to see those defined abs you feel like you deserve to be seeing.
I know you're sick of feeling stuck in the over-eating/over-exercising hamster wheel, and not seeing any results from your hard work in the gym.

I know you've already tried all the diets, including paleo, keto, and intermittent fasting, and sick of that sh*t.

I know how badly you wish somebody would just tell you what the hell to eat!

I know because I was there too, sister.

Hi there, I'm Sydnee!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
BA in Psychology & Communication
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Les Mills US National Trainer & Presenter
Fitness & Nutrition Coach

After years of trial and error, I have finally learned the strategies and skills for losing fat for good, without having to restrict foods that I love.  Sound too good be true?  What if I told you it's really quite simple?  I have learned that successful dieting and lifestyle maintenance has almost nothing to do with willpower, and everything to do with strategy.  It is my passion and my mission to share all of my secrets and tools to help you become the strongest version of yourself, in and outside of the gym!

If you want to see a change, you have to make a change.

Shortly after graduating college with honors with a degree in Psychology and Communication, I found myself feeling totally lost.  I had the paper and I had done the corporate internships...  I had done everything I was “supposed to do” to set myself up for a successful career.  BUT, what I was missing, was passion and purpose.  I realized the passion I had for helping people and impacting somebody's day or even their life simply could not be achieved at a typical 9-5 desk job.  


Throughout college I had began my own fitness journey and managed to transform my body into the strongest, most athletic version of myself than ever before.  And so, I followed my real passion for fitness.  My first job out of college was at my second home, the local privately owned gym, as the Manager of Member Services.  Soon after that, group fitness instructor. and then soon after that, personal trainer.  


My biggest breakthrough in my fitness journey was that it's not about having the perfect workout routine or just "eating clean".  It's about creating a balance that is right and perfect for YOU.

This is why I created Vicious Fitness!  There is truly no one “diet” that works for everybody.  It has to work for you and your lifestyle.  You have to be vicious in your pursuit of creating the body of your dreams, and leave the excuses behind.

I believe there is so much more to life than being attached to a scale, eating boring "diet" foods you won't even stick to, and following crappy fitness "rules" like 'don't eat past 7pm or you will get fat'.

You don't need another 21-day temporary fix.

I can help you ditch the belly flab without ditching the foods you love.

I promise to educate you, teach you, and support you in using science-based nutrition strategies that will allow you more freedom in both your diet AND in your favorite workout tights! 

Today as an online fitness and nutrition coach, I love to help and inspire women who are stuck in a vicious weightloss cycle finally stop spinning on the dieting hamster wheel and start dropping fat, for good.

Over the years I have worked to create a healthy and fit lifestyle that I love and I truly believe it is my responsibility and my purpose to help you do the same!  We can all be vicious in our pursuit to create the strongest version of ourselves <3.