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Apply for my signature coaching program, Lean Build Blueprint!

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LBB is my exclusive 90-day program that gives you the step-by-step directions to build nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle habits to achieve your best body without losing your mind.

So many women overcomplicate the most important pieces of this process and get stuck on the little rocks like, "What's the best time of day to eat?" that quite frankly don't matter...

I only work with a maximum of 5 women at a time so you get the deepest level of support.

APPLY NOW and jump on a FREE call with me to see if we're the right fit! 

Hi, I'm Sydnee!

I spent years trying to shrink myself and believed I had to be miserable in order to look and feel "fit." 
I discovered weight lifting after graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and learned to fuel my body right to perform my best. Over the years, I finally learned to embrace balance with food, fitness, and mindset, without living in the extremes. I began Vicious Fit by Sydnee to help other women create the same balance in their lives + reach their body composition goals in a healthy way.
Want to learn more?  Follow me on Instagram to find out more about current offers as well as get weekly tips for fitness & nutrition habits @viciousfitbysydnee 

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