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Save TIME  and ENERGY trying to program for yourself. 


Walk into the gym CONFIDENT in what you need to get done!


Make PROGRESS towards your goals, without second-guessing, "Am I doing this move right?!"​​​​​​


This is perfect for someone new to strength training or if you've never followed a structured, progressive overload plan before.


What's included in this bundle:

  • 3 Phases of 3-4 weeks (11 weeks) 
    3 Main Workout Days per week
       - Warmups included

      >Phase I = "Structural Integrity" + mobility sessions
      Phase II = "Hypertrophy" + mobilty & signature 'Amplifier Sessions'
      > Phase III = "Strength" + mobility sessions & unique 'Annabolic Rounds'
  • Video Vault - exercise demo library for all movement breakdowns
  • Training schedule sample to stay consistent with your training each week 

  • 60-75 minutes including warmup


*Designed by 2 fitness experts with a combined 19 years in fitness


This 11-week program will help you build muscle & strength, burn body fat, and move with better technique - Value: $796

Purchase today for only $79.00!

RYS Resistance Bundle

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