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Get Ready To Walk Away With...

  • Clarity in exactly how to train & eat for your unique health & fitness goals



In less than 90 minutes, get ready to make more progress in your fitness goals than you have in MONTHS of trying to figure it all out on your own.

Hiyaa, I'm Sydnee, and here to help you get moving in the right direction and out of analysis paralysis in just 75 minutes :)

If we're just meeting for the first time, we are probably more similar than you think!
You might have come across my profile on Instagram and seen that I currently follow and teach a BALANCED approach to nutrition & strength training, but this wasn't always the case...
I thought I was doing all the "right" things:
  • I THOUHT I had to exercise more and harder to burn more calories
  • I THOUGHT I was just lacking willpower and self-control around chocolate and peanut butter.
  • I THOUGHT I was supposed to keep eating low calories forever to keep my weight down.

And this was because I wasn't actually CLEAR on what my true goals were!

Do you want to look toned? Do you want to lose inches? Do you want to shed body fat? Do you want to get stronger in the gym?
These are all different goals that require very specific strategies...

That's exactly where this session comes in! I will help you identify exactly what you want to accomplish, what you're rocking, PLUS one or two areas you can take take action to improve & HOW to do it!

Imagine no longer questioning yourself if you're doing the "right" thing or "why is nothing I do working for me?!" 

^ THIS is how massive success happens!  When you have a CLEAR DIRECTION TO TAKE ACTION FORWARD.

Once Cheryl had a PLAN in place, she was finally able to stay consistent and see results!

"This entire process was shockingly easy! It wasn't miserable or difficult, or any of  the other adjectives typically used when describing the grueling process of losing weight... For goodness sake I ate a giant bowl of Ramen with no regrets and no impact on my fat loss goals!"

What You Get:

  • 75 minute Video Zoom Call
  • Recording of the call for later reference
  • A detailed google doc overview + ACTION PLAN recap following our call.
  • Access to additional resources, guides, or workbooks I feel would be beneficial for you.



Choose a day and time at your convenience below!

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75-Minute Health & Fitness Intensive $275.00

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