75-Minute Nutrition Deep Dive + Printable Habits Journal
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Get Ready To Walk Away With...

1. Awareness & clarity around what your biggest barriers really are with reaching your fitness goals.
2. Knowing exactly what to do to overcome these challenges to keep you making progress and not getting sucked into a month-long, end-of-year binge.

3. Learning the exact strategies to use in social situations so you can own nights out with confidence & less stress! 



In less than 90 minutes, if you apply these tools and evidence-based behavioral change techniques I teach you, you will without a doubt feel more confident, consistent, and comfortable in your sweater than EVER heading into 2022!

Who is this rando Sydnee on your screen?

I get it... but we're more similar than you think.

You might have come across my profile on Instagram and seen that I use and teach a flexible approach to nutrition so you can have the freedom and confidence in your food choices, for life.

Welp, it wasn't always this way... Just 8 years ago I was dreading the holiday season. because I thought it would derail all my progress. That I would have to use so much dang willpower to get through without overeating the homemade cherry cheesecake. That I since I had already messed up, might as well keep going and start over January 1st.

These were the exact same lies I know you've told yourself, too.

You don't need to put your goals off! You CAN navigate the holiday season's extra social events like a PRO!

You don't have to do more high intensity training or exercises to make up for enjoying yourself!

But without the right mindset and strategies in place, navigating times out of your routine will continue to feel stressful, exhausting, and daunting.  

Your fitness anxiety around the holiday season might never be the same again!

These are the exact techniques I've helped dozens of women to lose body fat and inches without sacrificing the foods they love!

I'm psyched to be in your corner and help you feel flyyy in your holidays sweater!

So, Are You In?! *Limited spots available*


"This entire process was shockingly easy! It wasn't miserable or difficult, or any of  the other adjectives typically used when describing the grueling process of losing weight... For goodness sake I ate a giant bowl of Ramen with no regrets and no impact on my fat loss goals!"


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