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RYS Beginner: Intro to Resistance Training

Maybe you've tried group fitness, Orange Theory, F45 classes, or have been following random snippets of routines from social media.

BUT, you haven't trained consistently with a progressive plan before.  Get ready to build more strength, muscle, and improve movement patterns over the next 12 weeks! 


Equipment required: Dumbbells, cables, barbells, Swiss ball (full gym preferable) 

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*Black Friday Special*

Buy 1, get 1 FREE!
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Purchase RYS Beginner + Get phase 1 of Muscle Queen hypertrophy FREE!  

($796 value)


RYS Beginner:

  • 12 weeks (3 Phases) of progressive resistance 

  •  Video Vault demo exercises for all movements

  • Workout calendar to structure your routine each week 

  • 3 training days a week for best consistency

  • Weekly Mobility sessions 

  • Unique weekly Amplifier sessions to help recovery & hit the next session fresh (Phase II)

  • Signature weekly Anabolic Rounds to increase muscle hypertrophy (Phase I)

Muscle Queen:

  • weeks strength + hypertrophy workouts, 3 days a week

  • Exercise video breakdown of all moves

  • Signature weekly Anabolic Rounds + muscle priming sessions 

Save time and energy trying to figure out what to do when you get to the gym.

No more wasting time on social media to get less than optimal results.

Get into a routine you look forward to and can actually be consistent with.
Set yourself up for better 
results going into a muscle building phase with RYS Hypertrophy.
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