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You can still eat cookies AND shed body fat.
Welcome to Fuel Your Fit!

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Are you sick of having "tried it all" when it comes to losing inches and not seeing the results you hope for? 

What if I told you you can lose inches and not feel miserable, low energy, or restricted from your favorite foods?


This program is designed specifically for YOU:
The badass woman who is fed up with busting her butt in the gym and not seeing the results you know deep down you SHOULD be seeing!


Spend 4 weeks with LIVE coaching from me to help you master the process of energy balance so you can lose fat FOR GOOD, feel your best energy in the gym, and learn to eat guilt-free without giving up your precious chocolate or bread.


Fuel Your Fit is a 4-week program with weekly live training lessons and a private Facebook group. Immediately upon enrollment, you will receive an email to access our exclusive community for additional info, weekly progress check-ins, recipe share ideas, food tracking tips, and unconditional support throughout the program! 

Does this sound like you?


You are an active gym-goer who is sick of spending hours working out and not seeing inches or the scale budge.

You have tried other diets in the past and want to give up living on fake shakes every day.

You crave food freedom and peace of mind to enjoy social situations with friendly and family without guilt ​.

You are a fitness instructor or fanatic who wants to wear the cute, athletic crop top in class with complete confidence.

You have lost weight before but feel stuck in your next steps or like you can never keep it off.


What others are saying about working with Sydnee...

Here's a sneak peak of what's inside...

  • Weekly live video lessons with me via Zoom.

  • Printable reference guide, grocery list, and customized meal planning templates

  • 24/7 Direct Access to me plus a high-vibe private Facebook support group!

    *With Fuel Your Fit, you are getting value worth over $1250 but I am giving it all to you for much less!

At the end of the program, you will know:

               What exactly to eat FOR YOU. Learn the right food combinations and amounts to balance your
               energy for fat loss.



               How to make cravings less frequent and manageable.



               How to incorporate your favorite foods ANYWHERE at ANY TIME into your diet. No more
               stressing about handling vacations, busy weeks at work, if you overslept, or unexpected social


Program outline:



Week 1: Establish your energy balance baseline (aka how many calories you should be eating) 

Week 2: Protein & Performance; master your protein intake with my signature "Divide & Conquer" method.
Week 3: Learn to build your own unique, customized food combination template for maximizing fat loss and elevating your energy without feeling deprived or stressed in social gatherings.
Week 4: Optimize your workout routine to save you time and frustration from lack of results.

*Outline subject to change

This program is NOT for you if...

 - You are following a strict keto or vegan diet.
 - You want to follow a strict and rigid meal plan.
 - You live a sedentary lifestyle.

- You want to continue practice fasting or detoxing.

Q: What if I have food allergies or restrictions?
A. No foods are off-limits! What ever foods you need to cut out will still work for this program. It will teach you design meal alternatives.
Q: What's the difference between tracking calories and tracking macros?
A: Tracking macros is a more precise version of tracking calories.  This method takes into consideration how to divvy up calories into protein, carbs, and fats in order for a specific outcome. We track protein to preserve lean muscle as best as possible, carbs to maximize your energy and conquer cravings, and fats to regulate hormones properly.
Q: What if I don't want to track calories?
A: The content and education is geared towards general lifestyle habits and changes that can easily be practiced and maintained for life.  For fat loss, being in a calorie deficit is required. It is helpful to know and understand how many calories you should be eating to achieve this deficit. Once maintenance is your goal, you do not have to track forever! But it will teach you the skills such as position control and eyeballing serving sizes to build mindfulness when eating out and living life. It is also a skill you can come back to anytime you wish if you feel like dialing back into your routine after the winter holidays, for example. We will focus on how to use a "fat loss blueprint" to structuring your meals and focus on balancing hormones as well as the metabolism to keep hunger, energy, and cravings in check.
Future dates TBA!
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