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Spend less time guessing what do eat and do in the gym, and more time taking strategic action!

Abby B.

“Working with Sydnee has made me feel like a POWERHOUSE. I’ve learned so much about properly fueling my body for my activity level and thoughtfully training to perform better in my classes through her. The best part is that she has empowered me to do it all in a way that  is completely cohesive to my own schedule and lifestyle.”

Riley Shephard 

"I've always been avctive but I struggled with upper body strength and muscle definition... I can't believe the difference I see when I look in the mirror!  I still have more work to do but I never thought I would be proud of my upper body!"


My success is measured in so many MORE IMPORTANT WAYS than the number on the scale. My clothes are loose, my workouts feel great, my confidence is improving. These are the real wins. The number on the scale is a little piece of data but it isn’t my only measure of progress. I’m beyond grateful for this mental growth.

Drew L.

Let's work together:


Private 1:1 Coaching


75-Minute Action-Taker Intensive


Raise Your Strength (RYS) - Monthly Team Training & Coaching Membership

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