Flexible, customized nutrition for the active woman to who wants to look and feel her leanest, strongest, and most energized.

Abby B.

“Working with Sydnee has made me feel like a POWERHOUSE. I’ve learned so much about properly fueling my body for my activity level and thoughtfully training to perform better in my classes through her. The best part is that she has empowered me to do it all in a way that  is completely cohesive to my own schedule and lifestyle.”

Riley Shephard 

"I've always been avctive but I struggled with upper body strength and muscle definition... I can't believe the difference I see when I look in the mirror!  I still have more work to do but I never thought I would be proud of my upper body!"


My success is measured in so many MORE IMPORTANT WAYS than the number on the scale. My clothes are loose, my workouts feel great, my confidence is improving. These are the real wins. The number on the scale is a little piece of data but it isn’t my only measure of progress. I’m beyond grateful for this mental growth.

Drew L.

Better Together

I currently offer 3 ways to work directly and privately with me:


3-Month Private Nutrition Coaching Program


75-Minute Intensive Nutrition Strategy Session


Fuel Your Fit: 4-Week Group Coaching Program

Who is this coaching for?

My signature private coaching program is perfect for you if you want to...

  • Lose inches.

  • Burn belly fat.

  • Stop relying on 5 cups of coffee a day for energy.

  • Feel stronger and leaner.

  • Still enjoy your favorite foods and weekend social life.

  • Stop the daily sugar cravings and constant hunger.

  • Have more confidence to rock your favorite fitness outfits.

  • Learn skills that last a LIFETIME and break up with the quick fixes once and for all.

This coaching is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking to lose weight FAST and FURIOUS.

  • You are not 100% committed to making your goals a priority.  

  • You are not prepared to take responsibility to put in the required work yourself.  

  • You are looking for a meal plan to follow. Meal plans are disempowering and do not allow you to learn to make decisions on your own.  I work with my clients intimately to help create personal eating habits that work for THEM.

  • At this time, my specialty is not best suited for those following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

What should you expect?

  • Private coaching includes an initial ZOOM call to make sure we are a good fit! Once we get rolling, be prepared to get familiar with a food tracking app (I recommend My Fitness Pal or MyMacros+)

  • Weekly check-ins with me as your coach to discuss progress and make any necessary adjustments.

  • Google Doc accountability diary to track daily macros, sleep, hunger, energy, and more that we will review on our calls.

  • 3 Month commitments are to allow your body time to adjust to changing your regular eating routine. Rome wasn't built in a day, and your body may not start to show physical changes until up to 4-6 weeks. But this where the REAL results that last are born!

  • We use a flexible dieting, science-based macronutrients approach, as well as dialing in daily habits and meal planning practices catered to YOU.

    We meet you exactly where you ARE and work together to move your needle forward.

See what other women are saying about this program!

        "Signing up for 8 weeks of nutrition coaching with Sydnee was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I've made in years. That may sound trite to the point of seeming like an exaggeration, but the results don't lie: 14 pounds lost, most of it it inches around my waist! (I started at 179 pounds and now, two weeks after finishing with Sydnee, I am down to 165 pounds.)
I have been trying to lose weight, specifically fat around my midsection, for years. I had been combating this exclusively with exercise, working out 5 days a week. And it worked for a while! But my metabolism has never been as good as others, and, as I've gotten older, it's become harder to avoid gaining weight with just exercise alone. Recently, during the past two years, I started buying larger shirts and wearing clothing that would hide my love handles. Getting dressed for work, social events, or even just going to the gym became a daily misery, because it was an act of disguising myself rather than dressing confidently.
The takeaway messages I learned from Sydnee are: (1) you don't have to eliminate foods you like (you plan your calories and macronutrients to include them) and (2) there aren't "healthy" foods or "bad" foods; there are simply 3 macronutrients that comprise all food and it's as simple as balancing how much of each you take in.
Sydnee was my cheerleader throughout the process, always available for questions, and always offering suggestions. And she truly personalized the process so I could be successful. For example, to practice planning my meals in advance, she offered a reasonable idea: plan just 3 days out of the week and send it to her as homework. When I couldn't even handle that, she said, "Let's try just 1 day!" There was no judgement; just meeting me where I was at. She celebrated my achievements, and helped me process and plan solutions to my stuck points. And it worked! I have not felt this confident about my outside matching my inside in a long while.
This entire process was shockingly easy. It was not miserable or difficult or the other adjectives typically used when describing the grueling process of losing weight. It truly was Flexible Dieting. For goodness sake, I ate a giant bowl of ramen during this 8-week diet with no regrets and no impact on my fat loss goals. Sydnee's approach allows you to say "yes" to dinner with friends and the other fun things life has to offer that include food. She simply offers you a planful way to include these things that also allow you to meet your weight loss goals!
I can't believe I waited years to address what seemed like an insurmountable goal. I envisioned needing a year to make a noticeable impact on my waistline. Not only did it take just a few weeks to see change, but this is a way of eating that's become easy to maintain and my weight has not rebounded. The results have stayed! Don't wait and wonder any longer. Sydnee will help you!"
           "Gotta admit I was a little intimidated to up my carb macros to 290g at first. But it’s come fairly easy and I’ve hit
all my macros within 5-10g each day since. Now that I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of it this is just fun!
I have a lot of energy now, and I’ve been sleeping very well. Training has felt consistently strong.
My shoulders and back are starting to POP! I actually received some compliments from instructor friends on my shoulder definition this week.
Surprisingly I feel a bit leaner now than I have in previous weeks even with the added carbs and calories. This is magic.
I did all of my pull ups with body weight [this week!] That’s a first ever for me -- I’ve always used the assisted pull up machine with a focusing on decreasing weight. With the lower reps in this round of training I decided to go for it and was amazed!"





Prior to working with Sydnee my relationship with the scale sucked. I thought the number I saw defined me in so many ways. It told me I’m not fit enough, strong enough, or pretty enough. It told me I wasn’t working hard enough and was eating too much because the number wouldn’t move. I was so obsessed I weighed my self several times a day.

I couldn’t kick the habit and had to ask my husband to hide the scale for me so I wouldn’t feel all consumed by it. When starting with Sydnee I struggled to restrict to weighing myself once a day but that got easier as time went on. Then the scale started to go down and it was so exciting and rewarding, to see the number get smaller little by little. It’s taken months but it was a mental shift for me to think of number on the scale as just a piece of data.

My success is measured in so many MORE IMPORTANT WAYS than the number on the scale. My clothes are loose, my workouts feel great, my confidence is improving. These are the real wins. The number on the scale is a little piece of data but it isn’t my only measure of progress. I’m beyond grateful for this mental growth.

This growth has not been completely linear, I’m human and the struggle still exists, but I’m not consumed by it.