by Sydnee

Welcome to real, personalized nutrition for active women who want to look leaner, feel more energy in the gym, and still enjoy the foods you LOVE!

Hey there, I'm Sydnee!

I thought I was "doing everything right" to lose body fat and get that lean, toned look.


I spent hours on the elliptical, did 100 crunches every single morning (blech), and meticulously tracked eating 1200 calories or less on a "good" day...

All that, and still no abs to show for it. In fact, I lost weight, but I just looked small and soft.

It took me years of spinning my wheels, trying every quick-fix you could imagine (hello, Special K diet) until I finally discovered a science-based flexible eating approach - and I've NEVER looked back!


You can read the full deets below how I broke up with dieting for good, healed my relationship with food, maintained my 20+ pounds weight-loss, and finally found the balance of a healthy lifestyle I'm obsessed with helping you find, too!

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Work with Me!

Fitness is AMAZING, but you simply can't out-exercise your diet if you don't have the right strategies in place.

If you're an active, busy woman who is frustrated with not seeing the results you know you SHOULD be seeing with all the effort and hours you put in at the gym, this coaching is FOR YOU.

Fuel Your Fit

My signature 4-Week Group Coaching program specifically designed to upgrade your metabolism so that you can finally shed weight efficiently.

If you are ready to:
-Improve your metabolism

-Learn how to eat to fuel your workouts effectively

-Lose inches and body fat 

-Feel and look more confident in your fitness gear

Then FUEL YOUR FIT is for you!

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Fitness Lover's Nutrition Guide: Science-Based Eating For Lean Muscle & Performance

Do yourself a favor and take the dang guesswork out of nutrition once and for all!

Download this guide to learn exactly how to identify your current fitness goals & set up your eating needs to support you best! Yes, even cocktails can fit in the plan, and this guide will show you how ;)


Raise Your Strength

Monthly Training & Group Coaching Membership 

Take the stress out of training so all you have to do is show up to the gym and move the weights!

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