Vicious Fitness 

by Sydnee

This is real, customized nutrition for active women who want to look leaner, feel more energized, and still keep their weekly happy hour.

Hiii, I'm Sydnee!

I thought I was doing everything "right" to lose body fat and build lean muscle.


I spent hours on the elliptical, did 100 crunches every single day, and tried eating less than 1200 calories per day.

All that, and still no abs in sight...

It took me 7 years of spinning my wheels until I finally discovered the art of flexible dieting and I haven't looked back!


Get the full details how I broke up with dieting for good, healed my relationship with food, and finally found the balance of a healthy, fit lifestyle I love, and know that you can too!


Work with Me!

Running on a treadmill for an hour is nice (if you like that kind of thing)... but it won't help you burn fat or build a lean bod that feels AHHHmazing without the proper nutrition

If you're an active, busy woman who is frustrated with all the diet BS out there, this coaching is perfect for you!

Fuel Your Fit

My signature 4-Week Group Coaching program designed for the active woman like you in mind.  

Spend 4 weeks with me and other women just like you and you won't have to think TWICE about jumping on the next trendy diet ever again...Lose fat, maintain lean muscle, and still enjoy your favorite foods without restriction.

Next session coming soon!

Beginner's Guide to Flexible Dieting

Download this FREE guide to get started on your journey away from "yet another diet trend" and towards ultimate food freedom!


Most diets preach eliminating foods for fat loss, but over here, we know there is a much better & more fun way!

Snag the guide and see for yourself!

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