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"HELP! Meal prep stresses me the F out"
Feel familiar? You're SO not alone.

Here's your FREE 3-step guide to maximize time and money in your meal planning.

Meet your coach:

Hey, I'm Sydnee!  I help high-achieving women like you build a strong body, inside and out.

But it wasn't always this way...


Read how I completely transformed my lifestyle, mindset, & physique after years of chasing 'skinny' + putting my health at risk to now living fit, balanced, and THRIVING.

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Work With Me

You already KNOW you don't need another diet program.


What you're craving is a healthy and sustainable plan + an expert's eyeballs on your daily habits to hold you accountable to get results faster.


Raise Your Strength (RYS)

Monthly Team Training & Coaching Membership 

Take the stress out of figuring out what to do in the gym & learn to lift safely + effectively with guidance from *2* coaches in a rad community.

Let's connect on Instagram! @Viciousfitbysydnee

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